Kenneth D. Farr, M.D.

"I don't quit when I'm tired, I quit when I'm done"

A leader in Ocular Plastic Surgery with focus on restoring your natural beauty with the latest technology. 

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Kenneth D. Farr,

The Outdoorsman

Dr. Farr grew up in Alabama where he played football, baseball, and track.  He graduated with honors from both UAB and UA but remains a true Auburn football fan and wears his orange and blue with pride. 
He has one brother and one sister whom both still live in Alabama along with his mother and father.  
Life has led him to respect and love the outdoors. He is very competitive and this attribute spills over into his strong will for perfection.

Who is your hero?

"My father accomplishes more by noon than most people do all week. He will always be my hero."

What is your favorite type of fishing?

"The most challenging of course, fly fishing and chasing red spot tail in my kayak!"


How do you maintain such a healthy lifestyle?

"I thoroughly enjoy competing in Triathalons!"


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